What We Do

What We Do

Our highly specialized and experienced teams of IRATA and SPRAT certified Rope Access Technicians are a fast and cost-efficient solution for a range of wind turbine maintenance activities. Complementing our rope technicians we utilize blade access platforms supplemented

by our patented Ventura Habitat to provide weatherproof all-year solutions. We also have in-house fabric maintenance expertise drawing on many years experience in the oil & gas sector and are therefore able to provide teams for all paint damage related activity. 

As a truly global leading wind turbine maintenance company, you can expect to see our teams working on over 40 wind farms on and offshore annually – more than any other turbine maintenance company.

Blade Inspection & Repair

Utilising a variety of access techniques for inspection, GEV Wind Power US LLC is able to provide a fast and effective service to complete the detailed analysis of all aspects of damage to the blades.

If necessary, we are able to deploy an expert close visual inspection of the blade to correctly classify levels of damage, using rope access techniques as the quickest method to save on lost production. The incorrect diagnosis of damage is a common issue and typically leads to unforeseen delays in the repair process and preventative campaigns exceeding budgets.

Inspections can also be performed using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) and with the use of blade access platforms for all activity, if this is a site preferred method.

Our technicians are trained to the highest of OEM standards and generally spend over a month completing intensive training prior to being certified for repair activity.


With the USA's largest dedicated workforce for rotor blade inspection & repair activity, we are able to not only guarantee the highest levels of expertise but can react quickly to save our clients time reducing the cost of lost production.

We are typically engaged to complete the following either planned or reactive rotor blade inspection & repair activity:
  • Tip repairs
  • Erosion on the leading edge
  • Trailing and leading edge splitting
  • Lightning damage
  • Laminate damage
  • Replacement of retrofits
  • Repair of cracks and faults
  • Shipping and construction related damage
  • End of Warranty (EOW) campaigns

Turbine Paint Damage
Retrofit Installation
Miscellaneous Projects