Do You Have a Head For Heights?


GEV Wind Power will be attending Rhode Island Career Days at CCRI on the 21st March 3pm, and IYRS on the 23rd March 9am.

The wind industry has seen exponential growth since its inception. Wind Power continues to be a global drive for a better tomorrow, but every turbine that takes to the wind must be properly maintained to increase productivity and ensure longevity. As the Leading Rotor Blade Maintenance Company, GEV Wind Power are always on the lookout for new talent and are excited to recruit the next generation of Blade Technicians from North America.

The North American Wind Academy, by GEV Wind Power is Americas first dedicated blade maintenance training academy. GEV Wind Power will provide industry training for the right candidates including GWO Wind Industry Training, Sprat Rope Access Training and Composite Blade Repair Training. With your wind industry education complete you will have fantastic opportunities to explore the world and discover new technology whilst earning a competitive salary.

We look forward to seeing you a the Rhode Island Career Days Event!